Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Believe what I tell you to believe

So I've just completed my 48th hour of work in four days. Fun stuff that. As you might imagine I'm a little tired, not having had a moment to myself. But hey, at least I don't have to work a full 12 hours tonight. I may get away with as little as six, although I may stretch that out a bit to make more overtime. We'll see.

So yeah, I'm feeling a bit depressed of late, I can't decide if it's because I'm genuinely bothered by something or if this is just residual overwork depression. Doesn't really matter, I suppose, I'm down either way.

You know it's odd, when I end up working these absurd hours at work, I end up doing tons of crap I probably could get away with not doing, because I'm doing all this overtime. Still the late night hours get long and I'm just looking for something to keep me occupied. Tonight I did a ton of crap while watching Headbanger's Ball on MTV2. I've been trying to broaden my metal horizons, but am having trouble finding bands I actually enjoy. So I continue to dig through mountains of aural assault until I find that soothing bark,thunderous bass and wailing guitar I am looking for.

Ohhh, in case you live in a cave, football season is about to blossom before our very eyes. There were preseason games on all weekend and a Monday Night offering last night, which I flipped on a bit. It's awesome to see football on, but it's hard to care about the preseason. I swear every time I flipped onto a game this weekend it was to see a punt. Not too inspiring.

Still we are now T-Minus 7 days and counting until my fantasy football draft. Should find out the draft order tonight so I can start planning my strategy. Here's some draft tips for everyone in my league: You should definitely go kicker, defense, kicker in the first three rounds.

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