Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I talk about fantasy football a lot

So now the 2006 Techmo Lucky Breaks league draft is in the books. I feel pretty good about my squad overall. There were a couple of times someone snagged the guy I wanted right before my pick, but it wasn't too bad. A couple of rookies in the house made it better, of course I wish I had of drafted beside those guys instead of right between Nick and Cal. Oddly, I didn't take a single Steeler. I was gonna get Hines Ward, but Nick nabbed him. I will now do some quick analysis.

My preseason ratings, post draft, are:
  1. Dallas Danglers
  2. Team Vipperman
  3. Surly Caribou
  4. The Vendetta
  5. Warchant
  6. Heaven's Own
  7. Hudson Street Hellraisers
  8. St. Nick Kringles
  9. The Fighting Fins
  10. Dizzles Bolts
Draft winners: I'd say the guy who ended up with the top squad of the night was Mike. His team is pretty solid top to bottom. It sucks, cause I don't think I could live with his smarminess if he won. Nick fielded another solid team and looks to be dangerous again (although I doubt he dominates like he did for most of last season). Also Kevin showed some solid knowledge in his rookie outing.

Draft losers: I hate to say it, but my boy Danny showed his inexperience. His running backs are patchwork at best. The Fighting Fins couldn't make it and an automated draft is suspect even if you shift the ratings around. Also the St. Nick Kringles, which is Nick's stepdad's team, looks a little shaky at RB.

I tried to be unbiased for these ratings, but I certainly have my own motivations. I should note that teams 3, 4 and 5 could easily be rearranged and still be reasonable. I just put myself on top because it's my fucking rating and I get to do what I want.

Let the games begin!

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Anonymous said...

Eric, I think you're being a little humble. It's a toss up between you and Mike. I wouldn't be surprised if I was having "Surly Caribou" engraved on the trophie at the end of the season. As you would know though, the league name is by no accident and anything can unfold.
Good job.