Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ignore me!

Ahhh the sweet release of a day off. I slept in and then proceeded to be on the phone for most of the evening. Had to make sure Corb was still down with dinner, talk to Trip, tried to call Danny and even managed to contact my brother. So heavy on the old calling. Sadly Gabe is unable to partake of our fantasy football offering, but I at least made the effort.

I did manage to get Corb to come to dinner, although it was a truncated interaction. We had dinner at Clarence's. (I let it happen, I knew it was going to be bad, but I still let it happen.) The Corb trundled off, back into his world of lippy pubescents and clueless teachers to bully.

Trip and I then trekked to Danville so he could pick up his copy of Dead Rising (a wonderfully whimsical game about killing zombies in a mall, gotta love an homage to George Romero). We got that, I talked myself away from the 3 DVDs for $10 rack and we stopped for some ice cream. We then headed back, played a tad of Dead Rising and watched Deadwood.

You know, this season of Deadwood has been less action packed than in the past. Aside from Dan's streetfight it's been pretty much a quasi political affair. Well, aside from the odd impromptu punch to someone's face. What makes it still riveting, even in light of the relative lack of action, is the growth of the characters and their interaction with one another. There is some serious depth there.

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