Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can I play with madness?

So another work week in the books. I'm taking tomorrow off for my draft. It's gonna be fun. I met up with Adam again at IHOP and we had some last minute discussions about it. Well football and other things, we both just like hanging out. It's gonna suck when I move to Roanoke and he moves away almost immediately. Ahh well...

In my effort to find metal I like I have went with a nostalgia pick and started listening to Iron Maiden. They aren't the black, death, evil metal I was looking for, but damn are they good. Their rhythm section just drops a thunderous groove I can't deny. Plus their lyrics are actually fairly well informed and interesting. I mean how can you not love a song about World War II pilots or dueling with swords in the 19th century. It plays on my love of history.

I started reading this book Writing Down the Bones, that's about how to make yourself into a better writer. It started by telling me some things I already knew, but don't put into use enough. Plus it has some really cool advice. It's written by this woman who clearly has some hippie background. She quotes Zen masters and the like. It's about living in the moment, opening yourself up to writing what you know and not letting an internal editor rule your life. All advice I could use.

Still I'm leary of all things hippie... but D. Boone and Mike Watt said some similar things in the Minutemen documentary I watched recently, so I'm taking it as bohemian punk advice.

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