Friday, August 04, 2006

watching tv so hard it hurts

There was a point this week, where I was thinking that I wasn't going to get any overtime on my next check. That worry has more than been put to rest. I will end up with only one day off this week and a metric asston of overtime. They fired a dude (who I thought should have been fired a month ago, but noone asks me) and I'm picking up the slack... well at least part of the slack.

I worked my Wednesday and Thursday and will be working 12 hour shifts for the next three days. Then I get to work around 9 hour shifts on Monday and Tuesday. Woohoo. I'll be making the fat cash if I can stay awake on my drive home. I'm now trying to stay up until 6a.m. so I can get a little prepared for the long nights ahead.

Ohh also I got my computer back and it's running. I'm trying to restore it to it's former glory, but I gotta resign in everywhere and try and remember which websites I frequent. Also my mp3 list went from 15 gigs or so to zero. So I gotta figure out what to do about that. And all my email addresses are gone. Some are easy, cause I got em on my gmail account, but some I'm just gonna have to wait to mail me so I can get it. It's gonna suck. Ohh and all the times where I actually wrote something creative... yeah that was wasted cause it's all gone. I gotta learn to back that shit up somewhere.

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