Monday, December 11, 2006

Always got room for a goon

Having a good time up here in Loudon County, the fastest growing county in the US (so sayeth Adam). I'm enjoying the sprawl. Yesterday was an orgy of football watching. Sadly the Surly Caribou are behind by a nigh-insurmountable amount now. I could come back, but it would take the hand of Zeus coming down and smiting the Rams offense.

We also enjoyed watching Dallas take it in the rear from the Saints. Small pleasures man. I think I'm hopping on the Saints bandwagon . They have to cool story, with the whole hurricane thing, and they are kinda black and gold. So the transition will be easy.

Getting psyched up to see some Penguins action. Just gotta figure out how to get there. Adam's still bitching about missing MNF for hockey. He can't appreciate the joy of a low scoring game. But c'mon, it's stick wielding guys, with blades on their feet slapping a piece of hard rubber at another guy's head. How can that be bad?

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