Friday, December 08, 2006

Function is meaning

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My vacation continues to be a flurry of activity, although I did get to slow down a tad on Wednesday and relax. I managed to clean my room and my desk a bit and then watched The DaVinci Code with the fam. It wasn't bad, about what I expected. Sometimes they went out of the way to explain things, but it's a Hollywood movie that wants to include every jackanape that can afford a seat in the theatre. But yeah, I'd say foot massage all told, although the book was better.

Thursday, I managed to sleep in, waking up several times and deciding it wasn't worth actually rising yet. After I finally did drag my ass out of bed, I got my oil changed so I don't have to sweat that when I trek to DC. After killing some time, I headed up to Kevin's pad and dined with him, Courtney and the Plaster daughters. We had a good time, between chatting, playing with the kids and watching the Steelers whomp the Browns (something that never gets old for me).

My only complaint was that it was friggin cold. The wind was blowing and, damn, it was ball-freezing, witches tit in a brass bra, nipple-cutting-glass cold. I gotta get me a nice winter coat and dig out my awesomely huge stocking cap. No idea where that thing is. Alas. I know us penguin types are supposed to like the cold, but we need to be prepared. When it goes from the 70s to buttcrack cold we are caught off guard.

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