Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bastards coated bastards with a bastard center

Well I made it home safe and sound after driving all damn afternoon. Whew, it's a haul. But it was worth it, we had a good time. The hockey game was fucking phenomenal! The Penguins went down 4-0 midway through the second period, but rallied back to tie it up in the third. Then held off the Caps, despite being short-handed to start the overtime. They finally won it in a shoot out. It was worth the trip. There were a ton of Pens fans in the house, which was cool. Rachel was less enthused about the ending than I was, being a Washington fan and all, but still had a good time. Loads of fun and a $7 beer, wooo!

Today I trekked back into bumfuck, with a brief pause in Roanoke for some final Xmas shopping and Red Palace. I swear I was near a chinese coma on the way home. Brutal.

Once I got home I unpacked, talked to Mom for a bit and then watched Closer, which was pretty good (foot massage). Lots of infidelity, emotional strain and innuendo. Natalie Portman is stunningly beautiful. Breathtaking. And she can act! The total package.

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