Monday, December 25, 2006

The feats of strength

So it's all Christmas and whatnot. I should be in Fayetteville, NC, but we were unable to trek down as my Mom is suffering from the same virus that sidelined me last week. We're going tomorrow instead, which makes things difficult, but at least I'll get to hang with my bro, Kelly and Cameron. Of course, then I have to come back and ride to Roanoke to hang with Mike, Shannon and Adam. Gonna be a long day, but should be fun.

Yesterday, Mike, Shannon and myself rode up to Roanoke and found the one place open on Xmas Eve, Awful Arthur's. We had the traditional holiday calimari and beer. Well I did anyway. We had a good time. Low key and pleasant.

Anyway I'm off to kill some time and watch some NFL highlights. The games tonight decide whether I head into the Techmo Lucky Breaks Superbowl or consolation. It's neck and neck.

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