Monday, December 18, 2006

In the black grip of pestilence

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So I'm still feeling sick. Stupid cold. My eyes all watery and nose runny. I swear it also keeps me from thinking straight, but I may just be getting dumber independently of the cold. I had to get the hell out of work ASAP and left fairly early because I felt like hammered ass. (I know you're wondering whether I mean a sexually assaulted ass or an ass that has been bludgeoned, but I'm not gonna tell you. Writer's prerogative.)

Now that I deleted about half of what I wrote initially and can't remember what I wrote, I'll just cram in some quick football notes and go to bed. First off, the Steelers are back to .500! Woo. We could still get into the playoffs... ok that's never gonna happen, but it's at least possible after the crappy start we had. We finish against Cincinnati and Baltimore, which means we got a long way to go before we can finish at .500 or better. Anything can happen tho.

Secondly, the Surly Caribou are playoff bound barring Adam Vinatieri breaking all sorts of kicking record tomorrow night. I'd like to take this moment to give a little shout out to Adam and The Vendetta. He's the odd man out in the playoffs. It was a valiant effort man, just not enough lucky breaks. I know you're rooting for me in the playoffs since you don't want A) Mike's shit-talking ass to win, B) Nick to repeat or C) the rookie (Kevin) to ride LT to a title. Probably gonna have Nick in the first round so I need some serious lucky breaks next week.

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