Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Guff reduction

My day off, woohoo. I sniffled and snuffled my way through the day. Got a below average haircut, love when they rush through it as fast as they can and go "That'll be $18." Also got my glasses fixed, which is something I've needed to do for about a year. Nice to not have metal scraping my nose. I should probably have my eyes checked and get new glasses, but don't wanna pay for em really. Bah.

Hooked up with Trip and Danny and we hung out. Sadly I let Trip school me at hockey and while we split at Tony Hawk Project 8, but clearly my skills are deficient in that game. He probably should've beaten me, I just used my old school voodoo to take a win.

I just watched Penn and Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour, which was Penn and Teller traveling to China, Egypt and India in search of old school street magicians. Interesting, but not great. Well, Penn and Teller are great, but it seemed like a lot of the time they were kinda disappointed by what they found. The Egyptian guy who "swallowed" a snake basically put a snake in his mouth and then let it crawl out. Not especially exciting.

Went to the library today also, to kill time and picked up Michael Lewis' book The Blind Side which is about left tackles. So far I'm a little over a chapter in and he's talked about Lawrence Taylor's crushing hit on Joe Theisman that put him out of the game and how Taylor went on to change both the dynamics of how the game is played and how players are paid. Pretty interesting stuff, for the die hard football fan.

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