Sunday, December 10, 2006

I miss my mouse

Interesting couple of days. Friday, Jill and I went to my office party and had a good time. Not a good a time as Kevin, who was in the bag when we arrived, hehe. Not that he was alone mind you, plenty of drunken coworkers to be found that night.

Saturday I took the haul up to Leesburgh to visit Adam, which is a brutally long drive. I take a week off so I don't have to commute and end up driving more than normal. What can you do? Anyway, I'm actually up before noon today to watch football. So that's pretty much the whole day taken care of. Tomorrow I get to see the Penguins and Caps play, wooo. Gonna be fun, even if Adam is bemoaning the fact that we're watching hockey instead of Monday Night Football.

Now if I can manage to pull off a fantasy victory over Nick, my vacation will be even better.

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