Thursday, July 19, 2007

Automotive issues

Driving home tonight my Jeep showed signs of an imminent problem. It would lose power for a split second and then go back to running normally. I guess I'm gonna have to take it in tomorrow and find out what's wrong. I just got it tuned up and now this. I was really hoping for it to last for another couple of months so I can buy a new(to me) car and move on, but if this repair is gonna cost a ton then I have to debate just buying a new car now... which would suck as I was hoping to have a decent down payment so I could keep my payments down without paying tons of interest...

I picked up All Pro Football 2K8 this week and have been playing it some. It's not as phenomenal as I had hoped, but it's solid. As I break myself away from being used to EA's control scheme it gets better. I really do like drafting my team, although they could use a little more variety in the pros. Still it's fun overall and I can't say I regret not getting NCAA 08 as of yet. I'll be able to rent it or something if the urge truly strikes.

Anyway here's hoping I can make it to work tomorrow... we'll see.

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