Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Maintaining Steeltown's safety

Troy Polamalu signed a huge deal and will definitely be a Steeler through 2011! Yay! That's with a year still left on his current contract. I gotta tell you that Polamalu is everything I want in a player. He's spectacular on the field (in a position that is normally only gets its name called when the player screws up), he's a team guy willing to do whatever it takes for the whole squad to succeed and finally he's never gonna be in the papers for having screwed up (drinking and driving, fighting or, the worst, dog fighting.

Go 43!


Anonymous said...

I know it sounds dumb, but just humor me and have a mechanic check to make sure your distributor cap is on correctly and/or not corroded. Very common but inexplicably unheard-of problem with Jeeps. Also could be some loose wiring or ground problems.

eric said...

They just replaced my distributor cap when I had it tuned up and Bill checked all that out to make sure it wasn't the issue. Thanks for the concern tho.

Anonymous said...

taaah, sorry. :/