Monday, July 30, 2007

Financially drowning

I'm debating buying a car tomorrow. I looked for a while on the internet and found a couple of things that are suitable. Trip and I rode around Martinsville for a while and looked at all the goddamn Nelson dealerships (I really hate that guy.) I looked at Martinsville Toyota (which seems to be one of the few non-Nelson places left running) and I liked the look of the Yaris, but I don't wanna drop $17K. I don't think I can really afford that.

Honestly, throwing myself back into debt makes my stomach hurt. Looking at car prices reinforces how little money I really make and I hate it. I don't need to be wealthy, I just want to not have to worry. But whatever.

What's funny is I saw loads of commercials this month about super special deals in Roanoke. So I looked those up, particularly at Haley Toyota. Hmmm, Funny how I could buy a brand new Yaris in Martinsville for less than I could buy one with 15K miles on it at Haley. Hate that shit. Guess he has to pay for advertising somehow.

I found a couple of things at CarMax (no haggling is more my speed) that look decent. I dunno, I know fuck all about cars really. I just want fuel efficiency and dependability. I'm leaning toward the Lancer, just because it's three grand cheaper, power locks/windows and automatic. We'll see what I think about it tomorrow.

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