Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm tied to a clock

Tired, tired, tired. I should be heading to bed, but I listened to This American Life on my way home and wanted to talk about it. It was a show called "Special Ed" about mentally disabled people and various stories about them.

The one that stuck out to me was about this mentally handicapped child who became obsessed with black holes at the age of three. He drew them all the time and talked about them eating the whole world. It was strangle. I mean, sure, lots of times I'm wishing a black hole would swallow the world, but I'm a jaded fuck, not a three-year old.

He also had some other problems like trying to kill the cat and destroying everything that meant something to someone in the house, himself included. The Marquis de Sade would have loved this kid. Fortunately he was finally diagnosed as bipolar and medicated so he's not a hellion, much to the relief of his mother. He now spends his time drawing rainbows, hearts and bunnies. While I'm certain that medication is the best thing for both the child, his mother and society at large, part of me does enjoy the idea of an inherently evil child. Ahh well.

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