Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Drafts, demos and cleaning up my queue

Today I have done relatively little. But while doing that little I've gotten a lot done. Sounds odd huh? Well let me rephrase, I've done a lot of stuff that is a waste of time. I played some video games (and may be playing more soon enough), I read some more of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (which I'm re-reading to reacquaint myself before the Deathly Hallows drops on July 21st), I made up a bunch of Harry Potter trivia questions for my mom (library thingie and, yes, I am a huge nerd), listened to a bunch of podcasts, followed the opening of E3, especially the Microsoft press conference (woo Halo 3 footage), chatted with Adam about fantasy football, researched some fantasy football websites (still searching for some really good ones, taking suggestions), watched some video podcasts and ate way too much.

Pretty busy to have done fuck all, huh.

Let's see, yesterday Nick determined the draft order for the Techmo Lucky Breaks Fantasy Football League and I am fairly pleased with my third overall pick. Not sure who I'm gonna take in the three spot, leaning toward Larry Johnson, Frank Gore and maybe Brian Westbrook. Ehh, the jury is still out with so much time before the draft.

I downloaded the NCAA 08 demo on XBox Live and it's ok. I'm not as sold on it as I thought I would be. Maybe I just need to get used to the interface, I'm often offput by how they change them every year. I'm still debating between buying that or 2K's All Pro Football, which sounds pretty cool. Have to check the ratings and maybe try a demo for that if it's available before I settle into one of em, but I'm leaning toward All Pro at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I'd take Lance in the 3rd spot. Don't let the one nut thing be an issue.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting an Xbox 360 today...maybe we will play some madden this year!