Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Beat me with cables

I've been slow in updating because I was in mourning after the Steelers loss to Cincinnati. It was a close game, but Pittsburgh did all the things you have to do to lose it. Fumbles, interceptions and penalties. So now we're on the outside looking in for the playoffs and have the Bears next week, who have a decent defense I hear. If we don't make the playoffs I will be stunned.

I did manage to win both my fantasy games, so that was nice. Only one more week left in our regular season and I'm over .500 again, barely. I got a couple of tough games next week, but they are winnable. If I win em I think I would be the third or fourth seed. Probably not gonna win, since Nick has it locked down, but it'd be nice to make a run at it. Of course, it's all about who shows up which week.

Other than football I haven't really accomplished much. I am reading The Once and Future King by T.H. White and that's ok. It's a little dry and has a dated writing style, but has moments. Still I'm struggling with it a little. I think I'm gonna go try to email some folks now, I've been pretty damn awful about staying in touch with people this year and need to catch up.

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NickVNC said...

yeah I tried to read Once and future king and got bogged down as well. I don't think i finished it.