Saturday, December 10, 2005

Once more into the hallowed halls of consumerism

Trip and I trekked to Roanoke for lunch with Kevin and some shopping yesterday. I arose astoundingly at 9 a.m. and didn't feel too haggard for it. Well I didn't feel haggard until I made the huge mistake of eating hot wings for lunch. When I arise early my body seems to not deal with food well, especially Thai wings. I felt ill for the remainder of the day.

But we did have a good time. I like Roanoke and enjoyed being out for a change. I didn't actually buy much of anything, but shopping was still fun. Tiring, but fun. Some notes of things that left a mark on my mind:

  • There was a storm the night before we left. So first thing when we left the trees were coated with a nice sheen of ice that sparkled and made being up early almost worth it.
  • A gorgeous woman that smiled as she walked by Trip and myself. Not sure if our oggling was that plain or if she was just in a good mood, but the smile was nice.
  • A flower patch at Tanglewood that had blooming flowers sticking out of snow. You just don't expect to see those purple and yellow blossums poking out of a layer of white.
  • An aquaintance of mine feigning putting my email in his PDA, am I so dumb as to not realize you're not actually inputting something? Jeez, you don't have to email me if you don't wanna, but don't be a douche bag.
When we got back we watched My Name is Earl and The Office and both were awesome. You gotta watch those shows. We also played some Burnout Revenge, which is chock full of arcadey goodness, punctuated by shit blowing up. Good times.

When I got home I pulled out an old fav. and re-read Neuromancer by William Gibson. Man is that a good book. Typically a book that invents a new genre is a good idea, but often tends to be a little bit hard to read (I offer you the Lord of the Rings, which is way too long with far to much digression), but Gibson is a wordsmith who can also weave a totally engaging story all in one. I give this book the rare and amazing Headcavingly Orgasmic rating. Read it if you have any, and I mean even the vaguest interest in cyberpunk and the interweb.

Anyway I gotta go and get ready to hang with Jeff, Melissa, Trip and Jill. We're doing dinner and a movie I think.

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