Friday, December 23, 2005

Mr. Pibb + Red Vines=Crazy Delicious

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Man am I beat. I got up early and went to Mike's place around 11 a.m. We ended up goofing off for a while and played Techmo Super Bowl on Mike's laptop. I don't remember the Steelers offense sucking that much, but whew, Bubby Brister blows.

Anyway, once we finally got it together we left the house around 12:30-1. We (Mike, Shannon, Greg and Sharon and myself) stomped around Winston-Salem shopping. Mike and Shannon were looking for their wedding rings, so I followed them through every jewelry store at Hanes Mall. I actually didn't grumble (which is a surprise I'm sure), because I understand that it was a big deal for Shannon. So I just trundled along and kept my eyes peeled for both the veal and the milfs (which were both in bountiful supply).

But I finally found a decent pair of gloves in my price range at Eddie Bauer (sale woohoo) and had a good time hanging. After our day shopping we went to Greensboro for a touch more shopping and then hooked up with Nick and Abbie for dinner. It was cool hanging, although I have to say that sometimes I feel weird about being the odd man out. It's all couples and me... but I suppose that's me just focusing on the negative.

Anyway we had a nice dinner, then went to this bakery for cheesecake. We ended up wandering the mean streets of Greensboro looking for some place to chill and ended up at the Green Street club, which was DEAD. Of course this suited us all fine as we just sat down and chilled.

Anyway it was a good night and I am wrecked. I was gonna watch Hotel Rwanda, which Mom checked out from the library, but it has gone missing and she may have returned it. It's for the best as bed is my best option at the moment. I'm probably gonna be heading to Roanoke for hijinks with Mike and Adam. I needs my rest.

P.S. check this shit out, courtesy of Trip.

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NickVNC said...

thanks for the link I got the Double True for me and the red vines for Abbie!!!