Monday, December 12, 2005

yes I love technology

Yay! The Steelers won in definitive fashion (not that I got to see the game, but whatever). In addition to that Kansas City, Jacksonville and San Diego all lost putting Pittsburgh right back into the playoff race. We gotta have a good game next week in Minnesota or we could be right back on the outside looking in. Seems like we played well today and hopefully Cowher has straightened things out. I'm still concerned out our third-down defense, which seems to give up way too many long passes for first downs, but we'll see what happens.

In fantasy football I won one and lost one, finishing the season just over .500 at 14-13-1. We now head into the playoffs and anything can happen. I'm hoping to at least make it into the second round, but no guarantees. Mike has managed to move out of the eight seed, putting Adam against Nick (who is dominate at this point). Adam is unthrilled about his chances.

Saturday I hooked up with Jeff, his wife Melissa, Jill and Trip for some minor holiday festivities and that was fun. Saw the baby, Camden and he's cute. We went to Danville for some dinner and saw the movie Just Friends, which was pretty good. I'd say foot massage overall, Ryan Reynolds is a funny mofo.

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