Wednesday, December 28, 2005

fortune favors the brave

Now listening to: The Editors

Went to Trip's for more movie watching. We started the evening off with Puddle Jumpers, which is Broken Lizard's first movie. They are the guys who did Super Troopers and Club Dread. Both of which are pretty good. This movie, however, is soooo bad. It had Clerks level acting with not near as good writing. It had a coupla funny moments, but whew it's a stinker. And so I cast it down into the dark, depraved area where the Torn Colon reigns.

After that Kevin came by and he was spending the night with Trip. We watched the 40-year-old Virgin, which was fucking funny. This was the unrated version, which has extra boobs and is therefore even better. Man, Steve Carell is awesome and lots of good lowbrow humor. I try to be a mature adult, but I love me a good dumb comedy. I'm saying this was a nice foot massage.

We then shifted into video game land and played some Far Cry Instinct multiplayer. I'm not 100-percent sold on that game as great, but we had fun. It was cool because none of us have any background playing that and therefore no one has a big advantage. I mean when we play Halo, Kevin is like a lamb amongst wolves. He was still a bit of a noob in this, but it was less glaring and he won the last round we played. Bastard discovered the rocket launcher and applied rocket sauce liberally. But yeah, that was cool.

Oh and this Editors album is yummy. It's got a nice New Wave revival sound that I'm loving. I think Trip will like some of it, but the slow songs aren't gonna go over. Anyway I'm saying it deserves a loving foot massage. And I don't be tickling or nothing.


NickVNC said...

I like the new links for the ratings....but nothing will ever beat the Celine Dion for Torn Colon. That is the truth and a half.

eric said...

If you see Van Helsing you will understand that it too is as vile as Celine Dion, in a different way.

NickVNC said...

Another great bout of the Torn Colon can be found here.