Monday, December 19, 2005

Three shots of tequila and his panties come flying off

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Well is has been an odd few days. On Thursday afternoon my power went out. That was fun. I spent that evening playing my Gameboy (Fire Emblem is highly addictive) and reading William Gibson's Idoru, which is very, very good (filet mignon). The next day I get the news that the power will be down for another day. Fortunately Trip was good enough to take me in so I didn't have to spend another night in the dark and cold.

We got some sushi on Friday and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation which is a timeless classic (headcavingly orgasmic). I'd say it's Chevy Chase's best work, although I would be willing to hear arguments on the behalf of both Caddyshack and Fletch. Anyway Trip went to bed around midnight and I stayed up playing WoW and watching tv. When I finally did decide to sleep, I found it hard to come by. I was sleeping in a chair and that never works out.

So when the morning came I was feeling haggard. Trip wanted to go shopping and so I went with him. I have to admit that a lack of sleep did not help my attitude and I was probably a pain in the ass for a lot of the day. When we went to the mall all semblance of good humor evaporated and I became a ripe bastard.

Anyway, we finally made it home and I forced Trip to watch some football. Danny came over and we hung out and played some Burnout Revenge after the game was over. It's pretty fun destroying stuff and trying to outcrash each other. Kev even showed up later on to hang out for a bit and that was cool. I ended up hanging out and watching part of SNL, which had Jack Black and was pretty good. I'm pretty sure Trip wasn't sad to see me go at this point and I really can't blame him for it. It was nice of him to put up with me for that long.

Anyway coming home to a fully powered house and my own bed was fanfuckingtastic. I gotta tell you, I slept like a damn baby. When I finally rousted I was in a pretty good mood (despite my mother's loudass vacuum). The Steelers dominating Minnesota only added to my joy. I didn't get to watch the game, but I followed it play-by-play at and that's almost as good...

Anyway not only did the Steelers win, but I advanced to the second round of my fantasy league's playoffs in a dominating fashion. Chris Cooley had a bit of a day for me. Wonder who I'll end up matched against next week.

Oh and tonight I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the new one. I'm torn. I wanna say the old one was better, but I know the first 45 minutes are slooooow. But once you hit the factory its wonderous. Of course, Johnny Depp was really good and I liked what they did with the remake overall (if you can call it a remake). But yeah I liked the new one although I can't decide between +1 chainmail and foot massage. Might take another watching sometime.

Anyway I expect next week to take place in whirlwind fashion as well, between X-mas and Mike coming in. Hopefully my damn power will stay on.

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