Sunday, December 25, 2005

A slice of cauliflower ear

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Did you see the way the Steelers pounded the Browns? It was a beating of epic proportions. Barring a collapse next week against the Lions we're playoff bound! My only complaint about the game was that Hines Ward needed to catch another TD and Jeff Reed should have not kicked so much. (Both those have to do with fantasy football issues.)

Nick and I were neck and neck all day long in our fantasy football matchup. I was actually a few points in the lead most of the afternoon. But it all came tumbling down when Shaun Alexander stayed in his game way too long. He even got a freebie touchdown from the one-yard line after he'd been taken out of the game. I felt cheated. Now Thomas Jones is my only hope of advancing to the finals. He has to score 11 points to catch me up plus match whatever Todd Heap does, which is a tall order.

Friday I treked to Roanoke to hang with Adam and Rachel (with Mike and Shannon showing up as well). We had a good time. Mike brought his laptop, so the guys ended up playing Techmo Bowl all night. Good times. I actually bookmarked this blog for Adam, so I may have a new reader... maybe.

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NickVNC said...

It was close man....good game and good season....