Friday, December 30, 2005

A pain I'm used to

Now listening to: Depeche Mode (Playing the Angel)

Yesterday I was completely useless. I know, I'm usually fairly useless, but I at least manage to do something to up my nerd cred or whatnot. But yesterday all I did was watch a bunch of tv with little or no redeeming value. It's really sad how easily I can get caught up watching reruns of a show I didn't really want to watch the first time around.

Today I did a little bit better, actually making it out of the house. Actually I found some cool stuff online that will help greatly increase my nerd cred. Woo, my nerdiness will know no bounds! Anyway Trip and I grabbed some dinner and then watched a PBS's Independent Lens on the P-Funk. Man is that good stuff. Gotsta love George Clinton. I gotta say that Maggot Brain is the best guitar solo of all time... even without weed.

We then played a little hockey. I schooled Trip the first game and then he racked up back-to-back wins against me. I was irritated, as my guys seemed to go from superstar level to total scrubs. Maybe it was Trip, I dunno. It boned.

We then watched both the new American Iron Chef and the classic Japanese one. That's a show I have never set out to watch, but end up watching it if it's on.

Now I'm reading comics and enjoying the new Depeche Mode. It's pretty good. Some really great songs, although I acknowledge that the Mode isn't for everyone. Still I consider them pretty great and the new one holds up. I'd say it's foot massage material.

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