Sunday, January 01, 2006

New year, new season

Now watching: Redskins-Eagles

The Steelers managed to stave off a surging Lions team (who thought they'd show up?) and are now in the playoffs. Woohoo! Next week we head to Cincinnati and look to show them who's the real team in the AFC North. Of course to do that the defense will need to look better on third down than it did today. (Not that I actually watched the game, but I followed it play-by-play online). Too many time the lowly Lions would convert on third-and-long. We need to stifle Cincinnati!

My New Year's Eve was low key. Trip and I went to see The Ringer, which was ok, but not great. I'm gonna say +1 chainmail for Brian Cox and some amusing moments. We then had dinner at IHOP and came home. No big whoop. I did pickup The Life Aquatic on DVD for $4, which is nice. Gotta love Wes Anderson and Bill Murray.

Anyway, tomorrow Trip and I are heading up to spend the day with Kevin. Should be cool, but I gotta not spend money. I'm way poor.

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