Sunday, January 08, 2006

Get up, stand up

Now listening to: Iron & Wine/Calexico (In the Reins)

So I tooled up to Roanoke today to watch some football with Adam and his boys, Had a really good time, but man it's a haul up and back. But yeah, we had fun. The Redskins game was pretty good. I was kinda rooting for the Skins, just cause I hate John Gruden. Not really sure why I do, I just do.

The second game was kinda dull. I don't normally have trouble watching football, but I really didn't give a shit about the Jags or the Pats. I wish the Jaguars would have won, just so I wouldn't have to hear more about New England. But I would have never picked Jacksonville in Foxboro. His friends bailed and we just sat there and talked through most of the game, well and watched all the high school girls wander around. I know I'm too old for em, but what can I say? My eyes wander.

The ride home wasn't too bad, but it was kinda cold. Now I'm just chilling and listening to some mellow tunes. I'm gonna reserve my energy for tomorrow's Steeler game. I'm really nervous about it. On paper I think the Steelers should win, but the Bengals have been awful quiet. I suppose it all comes down to the running game.

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