Saturday, January 21, 2006

I am a heathen

Argh I'm sick of waiting. I emailed the paper in Danville about the job I applied for there and got an email back telling me they just started the process. I haven't heard anything about the job in Roanoke and I'm antsy. I want to work. I got kinda defensive tonight when Trip and Corb asked me about it, but I really am trying and am feeling helpless. So that sucks.

Anyway, here is a report on movies I've watched lately. I watched Hero tonight with Trip and that is still really good (Filet Mignon). The use of colors and scenery is inspiring. It may be better than Crouching Tiger (Filet Mignon), although it's close.

I watched American Pie's Band Camp last night and it's everything you'd expect. That's right, it sucks outright (Mudbutt). It has some boobs, although none that were noteworthy, in my opinion. Trip and I also watched Sahara yesterday and whew, that movie was awful. A convoluted storyline, dull action sequences and a soundtrack that did not seem to fit with the movie at all. It too receives notice for it's Mudbutt nature.

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