Sunday, January 29, 2006

I'm sorry you can't have any more food

So it was Trip's B-Day today so he, Corb and myself got together and hit the sushi place, which was an adventure. The guy who owns the place seems to have bitten off more than he can chew and the service is suspect. At one point the waitress told Trip that they were out of crab, so he didn't get his complete order. When he tried to get a substitude for his crab sushi she told him the guy wasn't taking any more orders?!?? I enjoyed the food, but it's kinda ridiculous how long it took... not to mention the look of bafflement on the waitress when she was ringing us up. That was scary.

I finished reading William Gibson's Virtual Light, which is not really my favorite of his works. It's pretty good, but he sets a really high standard with his other books. I'm giving it a +1 chainmail rating. I think it might also help if I knew the correct order to read his books in as well, since some of them share characters.

Anyway tomorrow is the first Sunday without football in a while and I'm not sure how I'm gonna adjust. I got one more week after that and then it's the long haul, where I have to fend for myself. Hopefully I'll have a job soon and all this free time will be accounted for properly.

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