Thursday, January 26, 2006

Think I'll wear my Columbian Necktie

So Trip and I watched The Aristocrats tonight, which is a documentary on this incredibly dirty joke. Actually it doesn't have to be dirty...well... unless you want it to be interesting, then it does. But yeah, it's a bunch of comedians telling this joke, each in their own unique manner and it's magnificent.

When Doug Standhope tells his version, whooooo, Trip and I couldn't stop laughing. It was soooo filthy, ohh it was horrendous. Oh and he was telling it to his infant son, which made it even funnier. Gilbert Gottfried and Bob Saget were also awesome (never thought I'd be saying that sentence, I can tell ya). I'm saying it's a filet mignon movie, at least after one watch.

So I'm listening to this rocking band Boris now. It sounds like Black Sabbath and My Bloody Valentine got together and had a Japanese baby that rocks hard (in a shoe-gazey way, sometimes). It's thumping, I can tell ya, killer guitars. That's me bringing you word of the odd Japanese metal band, I'm not afriad of it.

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