Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cocksucking refs can't stop Steeltown

That's right, those pricks did everything they could to steal that game from us, but we managed to hang on. I nearly destroyed my living room watching the game. I swear, when Bettis fumbled late I almost pushed my couch through a wall. The Steelers lose that game and I may have went into a coma (from banging my head against the wall).

Anyway, the Steelers did win and head to Denver next week. Both teams coming off emotional wins, it could go either way. Playing in Mile High (or Invesco or whatever it is now) is not gonna be easy. Pittsburgh has to bounce back and get ready to go. I know The Bus will be happy to get a chance to carry the ball again. His final carry couldn't be a game-losing fumble, it just wouldn't be right. I'm hoping his final play is a kneel down with Pittsburgh beating Carolina in the Super Bowl with ease.

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