Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nessie, the savior of my nitelife

I have decided my new pickup line will be "Do you think the Loch Ness Monster is real?" That's high quality conversation starting. It is a varient on M. Doughty's genius piece "Do you like robots?" Is it wrong that these thoughts come to me when I'm laying on the sofa watching crap?

I managed to salvage some of my day by watching The Life Aquatic. I LOVE! Wes Anderson and his movies. They are the best. Wonderful tales of faded glory and father issues wrapped in an almost dreamlike world. Magnificent. The cast was amazing and, of course, Bill Murray is a genius.

Inspired by Stephen Colbert's Dead to me list, I have decided to do my own I wish they would die list. I'm sure that sounds harsh to some of you, but I'm coming strong. No halfstepping here, although I will only be listing celebrities on this list and no one else for fear of backlash. Also for legal reasons this is only a hope, there will be no actions taken to this effect by me. My inaction is guaranteed.

Anyway members of my list include: Pat Robertson (chart-toppingly annoying!), Uwe Boll, Terrell Owens, Zell Miller, Anne Coulter, Celine Dion, Scott Stapp and the people who run the oil companies (yeah that's probably half the current presidential administration and their cronies). That's all that's coming to me at the moment, although I am 100-percent certain there are considerably more that need to be added. I'll come back for them. Feel free to make suggestions, I always blank out when I'm doing a list.

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