Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pick it, don't flick it

So before the games start I will go on record with my picks for the weekend. This is tough cause there are a ton of really close games this weekend.

  • Washington at Seattle - This game is tough, but I think the Seahawks will win. I hate the Seahawks for a variety of not good reasons and am actually rooting for the Skins. Nonetheless the week off for Seattle and travel time of the Skins makes it hard to see them coming through with the win.
  • New England at Denver - This one is maybe the hardest to pick for me. Denver beat them earlier this season and that makes the Pats even more dangerous, since noone beats them twice in a year. However the trip to Mile High coupled with depleted secondary of New England forces me to pick the Broncos.
  • Pittsburgh at Indianapolis - I'm a complete homer on this one. Pittsburgh is gonna win. It's gonna be close, but you just don't beat the Steelers twice in a season, even in Indy. Also the Colts haven't played in soo long it's gonna be hard for em to get back into thier midseason form.
  • Carolina at Chicago - Another close one, but I'm going with Carolina. The Panthers have looked like a team peaking at the right time. Also the Bears defense is truly great, but the offense is truly terrible. Also Rex Grossman has absolutely no playoff experience, he's gonna look bad with Julius Peppers applying pressure.
Anyway there are the picks I'll be belittled for come Monday.

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