Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bored and single

Man I've been terminally bored all day. I found no respite. I tried to play WoW and felt stunned, I tried Jade Empire and couldn't get into it. I even pulled out NBA Street V3 for a little mindless flavor. Nothing. I dunno. I think I just wanna fast forward the week to Friday so I can do this interview I got in Roanoke. Probably gonna be antsy til that goes down.

I've been reading the original X-Men comics lately and man, 60s comic dialogue is highly contrived. Also I would like to nominate the Angel for being the lamest X-man of all time. I've been skimming a lot of em just to get through em until they develop into a more captivating story line.

Ohh more good news! My friend Noel from college is getting married. Nobody deserves to be loved more than Noel, he's one of the best guys ever. Of course this marks another name off my ever-shortening list of single friends. If this continues I could be the last single person on earth in my age bracket. I'm gonna try to not focus on it.

Anyway tomorrow is my last day with WoW and part of me wants to play that, but another part of me knows that I should get the hell out of the house. I'm torn.


NickVNC said...

The angel does = lame...

However---Arch-Angel=Bad mama jama

eric said...

Arcangel is the shit. Knife blades as feathers is badass. But I'm pretty big on the works of Apocalypse across the board. Man I am such a nerd.