Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Vikings, cyborgs and futility

So it was another humdrum day here in the rushing gorge of futility (where I now reside). I watched sports tv again (where apparently the Steelers travel plans were a hot topic of debate for some reason) and then watched some more tv, most of which I had seen before. Ohh yeah, I'm living large.

I did read some of this book League of the Damned by William Dietz and will probably finish it tonight. It's about future warfare against a hostile alien race and somehow the French Foreign Legion is still intact and partially populated with cyborgs. I'm rating it a Meh. now, as I doubt it will get better.

I'm hoping the week improves. Trip and I are going to see The Hold Steady in Chapel Hill on Thurday and, of course, there is the Super Bowl. I do have to say if the Steelers lose I'm gonna be pretty damned stunned for quite a while.

I'm now listening to Borknagar, which is best described as a "viking metal" band. I've been hanging out at last.fm and listening to some of their radio stuff, which is interesting. I have to say this isn't my favorite music, but I do sometimes miss listening to metal and need a fix of something interesting.

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