Sunday, February 05, 2006

Barely Hold(ing) Steady until the Super Bowl

So it's been an odd week. It started off with me facing extreme depression caused by no word from any job front and my Jeep's engine issues. Then I made it to Thursday and things picked up considerably.

Trip hooked me up bigtime and we went to see The Hold Steady in Chapel Hill. I really like Chapel Hill, it's just a fun place and man is the full beard ever in vogue there. Lots of Grizzly Adams wannabes. Anyway, the Plastic Constellations and Screaming at Motorists opened for the Hold Steady. Neither was particularly exceptional, but both had moments (a Meh. label is in order). Still I was more than ready for the headliner to hit the stage.

The Hold Steady delivered a kickass show (Filet Mignon). The lead-singer's manic singing style carried over to how he acted on stage and that made for a visually stimulating show. They played most of my favorite tracks and some new stuff that really kicked ass. I feel confident the new album (which they said was coming in the fall) is gonna be up to the high standard they have set forth with their first two.

Anyway because we didn't get back to Martinsville until it was way late I stayed the night at Trip's (no I did not put out). We hung out for a while Friday evening and Kevin called and delivered some good news. The guy at the station said I was in as long as my background check came back clean, which it will since I've lead a fairly white bread life. So that kicks ass.

On top of that my Jeep goes into the shop on Monday and hopefully it won't take forever to fix... although my confidence on that is shaky. Still it's good to get it all started. Maybe I'm finally collecting my fecal particles (aka getting my shit together).

Also I don't know if you guys know this but the Steelers are in the Super Bowl tomorrow! I feel pretty good about the game, although I have to admit I'm nervous. Yes, I know I'm not actually playing, but it's still a big deal to me. It's one of those things that's impossible to explain to anyone who doesn't feel this way. There is no analog here. Either you are relentlessly loyal to a sports team or you aren't. Anyway I'm hoping for a huge Steelers blowout. Yes I know most want to see a good game, but screw that I want Pittsburgh to run it up and me not have to sweat to the very end.


NickVNC said...

Congrats on the job man...we are really happy for ya! What will you be doing again?

eric said...

It's master control at a Fox station. Basically I'll be watching tv and making sure everything plays like it's supposed to. Not 100% sure on the specifics.