Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good news everyone

At long last I have a job offer. That's right, I got the call last night and I will be working as soon as Monday at the Fox/WB stations in Roanoke. Wooo. I have Kev to thank for this, so thanks Kev. I'll be blaming you if it sucks, hehe.

Of course, the Monday start is pending my Jeep being running again, which remains to be seen. I'm pretty excited. It'll be nice to not be broke all the time. Maybe once I get the cash flowing I can make an attempt to even some debts.

Anyway I'm pretty pleased by that and I'm hoping that my Jeep will be ready by Monday so I can get it going. Not much else to report. I think I'm gonna go to bed early tonight as I'm feeling tired... and cold actually. I hope I'm not getting sick.

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NickVNC said...

Congrats man!