Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Year of E

Sometime in January, Adam declared this the "Year of E" and I plan on doing whatever I can to make that the case. So far things are going my way: Steelers win the Super Bowl, I got a job, my bro is coming to live in North Carolina. Now I need to focus on moving out and getting laid.

Anyway I'm in an exceptionaly good mood, as things seem to be going my way. I talked to Nick and Mike today, also getting an email from Adam. We're all setting up for Mike's Bachelor's Party in April. (I gotta get tell my new job I need that weekend off, it may not look that good.)

Hopefully I'll hear that my Jeep is fixed tomorrow so I can start work as planned. I gotta think I got a shot with how well things are going so far.


JO said...

That is awesome Eric!! Congrats on the job. I am so happy for you. Will you be commuting to Roanoke every day? About how far is that? I've got about a 30 mile commute. It's not bad though... But anyway, awesome!!!!

jill said...

The year of the E sounds pretty good. Make it a decade tho!! Congrats on getting the job! What will you be doing? Anything we'll see you? Let me know if you're moving away. I'll miss ya! We've got to get together sometime! Just us. I should move into my house in a month ... you'll have to come see it! Amen with the whole Vanentine's Day sucking. I went to get a divorce!! What else??!!!!