Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stormy gullet

I'm not feeling well. It's like El Nino and Hurricane Katrina are have a knife fight in my belly. It's unpleasant. I went to Trip's this evening and had to leave early because I felt shitty (literally... I may have said too much). I suppose it's subsided a little since then, but it hasn't been pleasant.

Anyway, I watched Cold Mountain last night. It was substantially better than I anticipated i.e. it wasn't so slow paced like a lot of those heavy dramas. I mean I understand the concept of nonverbal acting conveying meaning, but sometimes those ponderous films just drive me nuts. Also the depth of the cast surprised me, I mean all I heard about was Jack White being in it. Who knew Natalie Portman and Giovanni Ribisi were in it? Also is it just me or is Ethan Suplee in every damn thing I tune into lately? Anyway I'd give it a foot massage on the whole.

This afternoon I watched a bunch of sports talk where everyone talked about how lackluster the Super Bowl was and how the officials robbed the Seahawks. The refs did seem to roll in favor of the Steelers, but it wasn't anything as glaring as the Indy-Pitt game. And the Steelers played through that and still won, so I say screw em. The better team won. It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win.

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