Friday, February 24, 2006

Devils inside won't cut me any slack

Sooooo I'm annoyed. Despite my bright prognosis of how things were going, I still have yet to work a single minute. My Jeep is still in the shop and who knows when it's gonna be done. My mom is hopeful for tomorrow, but I'm more cynical. I don't know. Kevin has offered to help me out next week and that's cool of him, cause I need to start working. Still I'd prefer not to have to inconvenience him and his family because my fucking mechanic can't get his ass in gear.

Ugg. So I had a Trip-sponsored meal of gas station hot dogs tonight and bleah. That was a bad choice on my part. I've been battling them ever since. Whew... unpleasant.

Watched some episodes of The Young Ones last night. Man, I love that show. It's just good 80's British fun. It's absurd, which I've remarked more than once is my fav. style of humor.

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