Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Interior life on the outside

Bah, I was going to post about how much the internet dominates my life, but I've been through it before. It is funny to see the boundaries created tho. Am I the collection of information I've created on the web or something more, or something less. Or have I made myself more by creating a synergy with my webself. I can honestly say I know more about me because of what I've experienced on the web. What is a little self knowledge worth?

I downloaded the soundtrack to Dune tonight and it's very good. I'm not what you'd call a Toto fan, but this music holds up the epic nature of what Frank Herbert set forth. It doesn't hurt that Brian Eno helped out, he's always a nice addition.

Last night I was browsing and decided to check out Henry Rollins' website. He's got a nice little blog type thing going there and I had to read that of course. That man has a serious work ethic going. That, as most of you know, is the area that I struggle, well one of the areas.

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