Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well it's all over. The last kickoff kicked and the last tackle made. The dust has cleared and my Pittsburgh Steelers hoist the Lombardi trophy in victory. It's magnificent. It's the perfect ending. Jerome Bettis retires as a champion, Bill Cowher is now locked into the Hall of Fame and Hines Ward has gone from a preseason holdout to Super Bowl MVP. The team that only had an outside shot of making the playoffs, stormed back for the sixth seed and made the top teams in the NFL bow to its will.

All that said, watching the game was pure torture. It was too close to going the other way so many times. I sat on the edge of my couch the whole game. Well, except for those moments I was on my feet cursing or cheering. I'm glad I watched it alone, I would have been incredibly bad company for anyone else. After that interception in the red zone, someone could have died at my hands with me never thinking twice.

But it's all over now and it's the first football season I've ever seen end the way I hoped. Adam and I were talking after the game and he noted that this is a day of joy and sorrow. It's the pinnacle of the NFL, what everyone wants to see and it's also the end. No real football until August. Ahh well, I'm just gonna try to enjoy it. It's the perfect ending.

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