Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Killing and preaching, it's all in there

Well I had a jolly Valentine's Day. Trip took me out for sushi, it was a fantastic date... Anyway I swore I wasn't gonna be more depressed than normal because of a lame corporate holiday and I wasn't. I enjoyed the company (and generosity) of my good friend Trip, came home and watched the end of the Westminster Dog Show. I was pleased that the Bull Terrier won. I was impressed with most of the dogs that won their groups, but dear Rufus was my preference and he won! Woo.

Anyway my cable went out around midnight (that's three times in three months, with three power outages as well, it's becoming tiresome). So I settled in for some reading. I had finished Night the other day and it was very good, some passages were haunting. So moving on in my reading I picked up this collection of stories called Notes from the Underground. It's all journalistic pieces taken from alternative press papers. Some fascinating stories written outside of the normal five questions style of most papers, i.e. with depth.

There was one tale of this serial killer who was convicted in Texas. He admitted to killing around 20 women (and has bragged about killing four times that number), but due to a plea bargain and loopholes in the system he may be getting out of jail in April of this year. Come on this is Texas we're talking about. They do the death penalty for parking tickets and they are gonna let this guy out? If Coral Eugene Watts moves in next to you later this year, be very afraid for the local women.

Another story was about the Fundamental Mormans in Arizona. These people are scary. They practice polygamy and marry off teenage girls to grown men and keep them pregnant almost constantly. The leader (The Prophet) makes all the decisions, including who marries who. This Prophet also controls almost every decision that takes place in town, divorces, who's allowed to live where and so on. It's a scary tale of a patriarchal religious society run amok.

Anyway I'm looking forward to reading more of these incredible stories.

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