Saturday, January 14, 2006

St. Smythins Medical Facility and Pork Sausage Distillery

So I had my interview today and it went pretty well. I wore a tie and played nice and the guy seemed like a decent human being. The job is working master control at the Fox and WB stations in Roanoke. I kinda got the idea that the job is one that is not overly demanding mentally, but who cares. I gotsta get paid! Maybe I can work my way up the Fox ladder and get in good with Rupert Murdoch and turn him liberal! Or if he refuses to turn assassinate him.

*Realizes he doesn't have a job yet.* Ummmm, I'm kidding, I will do nothing to upset my future Fox overlord's wishes or threaten his life in anyway.

I ended up spending the whole damn day in Roanoke, most of it in a coffee shop re-reading Pattern Recognition, which is awesome. I think I'm moving it up into the headcavingly orgasmic ranks. This is a relatively quick move into the "Hall of Fame" but it is well deserved.

But yeah Kev offered to buy me dinner and so I ended up hanging out with him and his coworkers and that was cool. Sadly I didn't get to hook up with Adam, but if things go well I'll be up there a lot and we'll have plenty more chances. I am kinda beat now tho. That commute is gonna be a stunner, I know that.

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