Thursday, January 05, 2006

Paging Dr. Benway

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Spent the last coupla days vegging and watching college football. Fun to see Penn State pull one out over FSU. Watched the National Championship game tonight and Vince Young could not be stopped. Pretty awesome to watch. Still it's hard to believe that football season is coming to a close. I mean, sure, there are the NFL playoffs but that's it. And it's a long cold winter after that.

Trip tells me I take football too seriously, and I may, but I really love it. I love it more with each passing year. Fantasy football has only added to my mania. However, of all my obsessions, this is the one I have the biggest chance of making work for me professionally. I mean, I'd love to write about video games, but if you aren't in San Francisco or Seattle and willing to work as an intern for two years (aka volunteer) it ain't gonna happen. (Also Japanese language skills are a plus.) On the other hand there is a sports writer or three in every single town across the nation.

Not much else is going on really. I'm looking for a job and hoping the one I'm sniffing now will pan out. Not gonna say much about it until it does, so as to not increase my humiliation should I not get it.

New WoW patch came out this week too, so I've been involved with that playing too much really. I also watched Shaun of the Dead again and it's still good. I borrowed a bunch of DVDs from Kevin to keep me occupied, but my XBox is in the process of dying. It still plays games, but the DVD player is fucked. Another reason to hope I get that job. Anyway I'm off to read Hellboy comics. Ta.

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