Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Encased in stone

Now listening to: Celtic Frost

So my weekend is here at last and I'm in desperate need of a break. I think my schedule is gonna lighten up some now, but I'm not 100-percent sure of that. I did "train" one of the production guys tonight so he can cover for us. That basically meant showing him how to do the log and doing absolutely fuck all after that. The night went by sooooo slooooow. It was awful.

Hmmm, what else do I have to cover here? Not much. Outside of work I've not done a lot. The cool rainy weather also plays it's role by making me want to sleep nonstop. It's sooo hard to get out of bed now. At least football starts Thursday night, I'm so freaking ready to get this going it's unbelievable. Part of that eagerness is just to give the talking heads on tv something real to analyze and not have it be total conjecture. I mean they'll still be talking out of their asses a lot, but at least it will be about something that happened and not something that could possibly happen if all the events pan out.

Still no sign of my phantom commentor. Alas.

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