Saturday, September 02, 2006

In heaven everything is fine

The trouble is, there is no heaven.

Anyway it's been a long night. My "weekend" left me unsatisfactorily relaxed and so work tonight was torture. I showed up not wanting to be there and it was downhill from there. Twice one of the Fox broadcasts dropped and I had to call an engineer. As you can imagine, he was unthrilled to make the trek to the tower on his weekend... particularly the second time around at 2 a.m. But what the hell can I do?

Anyway it's over now and I can go get some rest. On the up side, at least it feels like fall now. I think it may warm up today (boo), but the chill was in the air yesterday and this morning. Fall is when things get back to how they should be, the kids in school, football on tv and my fall wardrobe concealing far more than my summer one... not that it really matters I suppose.

Last night I watched The 400 Blows, which is Francois Truffant's first movie and ushered in the French New Wave way back in 1959. It was good, most movies I've seen from that period are so plodding and slow as to be nearly unwatchable. Not this one. It keeps your attention, even without being a slave to narrative. I intend to explore more of this New Wave and see how it goes, so I can become ever more pretentious.

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