Friday, September 22, 2006

invalidity of feeling

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Man it's been a long work week... and I still have two more days, 12 hours each. My mood has been of the darkest variety of late. Too many things reminding me of too many things. I'm just struggling to make it through the days. Something good has to happen soon, if only through blind dumb luck something good has to happen.

I should note that Kevin has proven his manly virility again and spawned a second daughter, Zoe. At last word she, Courtney and all involved were doing well. So I suppose that's something good.

I've been watching lots of the fall season openers this week. I haven't been overly impressed, honestly. But that may just be a side effect of my depression. Earl and the Office were pretty good, but I only got to half watch them being distracted by work crap. (Damn work from keeping me from watching the television I wanna see.) I watched the Biggest Loser while running America's Next Top Model. Those two side by side was a serious juxtaposition of fantasy vs. reality. It boggled the mind. Another note on the model show, yes those women are smoking hot, but what the hell would you talk to them about? I mean how much hair care/skin care discussion can one bear?

I'm now off to contemplate my solitary existence for a while before the sweet release of sleep.

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NickVNC said...

Dude that episode of the Office was maybe the funniest episode of that show ever.....

I kept saying to Abbie this is now the best show on TV...hands down now that Deadwood is gone.

It was crazy funny, you must have missed that while you were working, get your priorities straight!!!!---TV shows....then work in that order!