Wednesday, September 13, 2006

To become immortal, then die

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The joys of doing very little, ahhh. I got to bed early (for me) and slept well. I finally rousted and checked up on the state of fantasy football. Not surprisingly not much had changed, that didn't stop me from talking about it all day on my phone. Adam and I tried to hash out a deal, but neither of us is willing to come across with what the other wants.

I think I may have annoyed Trip by talking on the phone while we were hanging out. I know I've been on the receiving end of that stunnage plenty and it sucks, but what can you do. The best solution? Get your own cell phone and become the stunner instead of the stunnee.

I watched Breathless tonight, Godard's first film, to continue my exploration of the French New Wave. It was good, although I did prefer Truffant's The 400 blows. I'd say Breathless was +1 chainmail overall, but it did have some amazing lines, like "To become immortal, then die." Which was a novelist's greatest ambition.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother watching these things, since they inevitably take me even farther away from the norm of the average person I meet. I mean, it's not like I run into a lot of new people who have any idea what I'm talking about half the time. Of course, maybe that's my subconcious goal, to be different. Who can say?

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