Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm extrastitious!

Now listening to: Fu Manchu

Let my weekend begin! Three days off and I intend to maximize my slackness, paying attention only to football, my pillow and possibly beer. We'll see if that works out for me. I actually need to pay a bunch of bills and do some other little crap. It's always something.

I'm currently reading George Plimpton's Paper Lion, which is about him going and playing with the Detroit Lions during their training camp in the 60s. It's the type of thing that probably would never happen today, but it helped boost the popularity of the NFL at that time. It's really good, honestly. Plimpton, who was a member of the educated elite possessing a snooty sounding New England accent, somehow found a way to fit in on the rough and tumble team and it makes for some good stories. Especially his conversation with Night Train Lane on how to play cornerback. That's pure gold.

The Surly Caribou's 101 point lead was enough to hold Danny's Dizzle Bolts off and rack up a win. Next up is Adam's Vendetta squad. Gonna be tougher, especially considering that my guy's matchups aren't as favorable this week overall. Caribou!!!

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